A passion for interiors

The creative force behind Studio Oskar is me, Ilke Peters! In 2020, driven by my extraordinary passion and a healthy dose of entrepreneurial spirit, I left my career in finance to start an interior design agency. Interior design fairs were a second home to me when I was young, and it was there that I developed an eye for design trends. As an agent, I only select brands that exude the same contemporary interior inspiration— design brands that complement each other and lend a refreshing narrative to your brick-and-mortar store or webshop.

A passion for partnership

Whether decorating a sober, Scandinavian table with colourful crockery or combining a sleek cabinet with a striking vase— I love it! I love to inspire and I am an honest sparring partner for my clients. Pushy salesmanship is not my style; my goal with Studio Oskar is always a long-term partnership. I will visit your store every year to guide you through the collection's matching essentials. 

Would you like to make an appointment? 

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